“Angel smile” (Slaff)

Песента “Angel Smile” е написана за да изрази чувствата
на една дама към нейния приятел.
Текста написахме по нейни разкази на емблематични за връзката им събития и асоциации.

“Да подариш песен е необикновен дар, защото тя извира дълбоко от душата и остава да звучи във вечността. “Angel smile” беше чудесен подарък за много скъп за мен човек.
Благодаря ти, Ради!”



I’m standing on the road, waving with my hand to all that was to say “Goodbye”
Buses travel on, they don’t understand me, they wouldn’t even try
Yesterday is gone, back then we were walking down the road we chose for us.
But, now we walk alone, same long line in time, different paths in mind…

Because of your angel smile stay for a while with me!
Stay for the times to come, when you and I will be for always “we”!

I was meant to be the rain falling down to earth to kiss your face, your magic smile.
Am I in love with pain, to chase a fairytale, I wrote myself, to ask for time?
I want to have the flame, that sparkles in your eyes- it’s no surprise I fell for you…
There’s no one here to blame, It’s all just my mistake,I want my dream to come true!

I’ve been waiting all my live, for the perfect match, for this endless love…