Little angel

Once I saw an angel
walking trough the park
on road of a thousand candles
shining bright in the dark!

As she stared at me, I saw
the innocence in her eyes
“Who are you?” I wanted to know
“I’m the one who’ll make you smile!”

When I held her arms in mine
I could barely hear my thoughts.
Sending many little signs
I was screaming out for love!

When she heard my laughter again,
she raised up into the sky.
She smiled at me and I said “Wait!
Fly with me into the night!”

“Listen, you!” She said to me
“I’ll be always by your side!
And you’ll always be with me,
making other people smile!”

Then she flew away for good.
But her voice is calling me.
Now I knew, I understood
what it’s said for me to be!