“Knight of the light” (Slaff)

It’s a story about a man,
who was staring at the sky,
lying nightly on the sand
asking God the question “Why?”
When he’s going on his way
he’s trying hard to keep his soul!
There’s no place for him to stay,
no such a thing like home!

They said he was a stranger.
Out of his mind.
They lived with anger!
They were all sad!
He tried to help them,
to make them smile.
Nobody knows what’s on his mind!

He said: Like a rider in the night
I’m the one who now can see
I’m the man who lost his mind
like a sailor in the see!
I’m a soldier of the light
doesn’t matter where I’ve gone.
That’s the way I feel alright.
Inside of a dream I was born!