“Alright” (NOISE)

There is something on my mind.
That makes me feel unhappy.
I’m always on the other side!
Without you here I’m nothing, yeah…
Oh, yes I am!

There is sadness in the air
There are painful dark-blue clouds
There are mournful tears I can smell
in the rain that kills the ground, yeah…
But I’m not afraid!

Cause I know it’s gonna be alright
when we’re all together!
We have to love each other!
We’re gonna be just fine!
I know it’s gonna be alright!

The world is goin’ that mad.
Is there a little hope?
Well I’m not feeling so sad,
because I’m not gone at all!
I’m not alone!

Behind the sky I can see
the only thing that matters:
We are boats on an endless sea,
but we have to live like brothers, yeah…
I’m not afraid!